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Pelikan Luxury Souveran M600 Fountain Pen - Black/Blue

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  • High quality resin barrel in blue with black stripes
  • 24-carat gold plated clip and trim
  • 14-carat/585 bi-colour gold and rhodium nib in medium size
  • Presented in gift box

The Pelikan Souveran Series represents the highest quality in writing instrument manufacture using only the best materials available. This model is available with the hallmark striped celluloid overlay that has been associated with Pelikan pens for half a century. Diamond-ground surfaceGold-plated Pelikan clip and fittingsSouveran fountain pen M 600 blue/ blackClassic plunger mechanismHand-crafted, finely engraved 14 carat gold nib with rhodium decorationGold-plated double rings at the ink-handleSmall decorative ring in the front sectionAvailable in Medium nib only.

Title: Pelikan Luxury Souveran M600 Fountain Pen – Black/Blue
Category: Fountain Pens
Brand: Pelikan

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