Cheap Baader Planetarium 2458482 LRGB CCD Filter Set with UV / IR cut / L Filter (50.4 MM, Round) Special

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Baader Planetarium 2458482 LRGB CCD Filter Set with UV / IR cut / L Filter (50.4 MM, Round)

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  • Baader CCD Filter Set 1.98 inch (50,4 mm) L-RGB. The glass thickness is 0.08 inch (2 mm) for all filters, meaning that the filters are therefore homofocal
  • Balanced RGB Design allows for recordings with the same exposure time-very important for automated continuous shooting
  • The L Filter is a Standard Baader UV / IR cut Filter and can be used for both focusing and for taking a luminance image are used.
  • Box contents: 1.98 LRGB CCD Filter Set Round mm) (50.4 inch RGB with UV / IR blocking / L-Filter

Including: matching luminance (UV-IR blocking) individual filter, plane-optical polished.

The L filter is a standard Baader UV/IR blocking filter and can be used for focusing, as well as for the exposure of a luminance image.


Our opinion at Baader is that, for astronomical objects, a gradual increase and decrease in RGB filter curves is unnecessary and even undesirable. In contrast to terrestrial objects, astronomical objects have discrete emission lines.

The stars themselves obey the black body radiation law, and the colour they shine in is due solely to their temperature – resulting in a continuously smooth, broad spectrum. The nuances of colour seen with terrestrial objects do not occur with deep sky objects. Much more important for RGB imaging is transmission curveswithextremely steep slopes for each colour channel – for maximum efficiency and maximum contrast between the individual emission lines.

The transmission of Baader RGB filters is extremely high for each of the three colour channels, while stray light and reflections are reduced to a level not previously seen. For the first time, by using new, more robust manufacturing processes, it is possible to overlap the edges of the transmission curves at the maximum slope of the critical B / G region. Thereby, the crucial Hbeta and OIII emission lines can be perfectly separated but with the OIII line present at maximum intensity in both the ‘B’ and ‘G’ colour channels. This leads to much improved colour weighting and, above all, this design enables this most important deep sky emission line energy to be much more intensively utilised than previousl

Title: Baader Planetarium 2458482 LRGB CCD Filter Set with UV / IR cut / L Filter (50.4 MM, Round)
Category: Telescopes
Brand: Baader-Planetarium

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