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Texas Instruments Nspire CX-CAS Graphic Calculator with Touchpad

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  • Different representations can share dynamically-linked data using the TI-NspireTM applications: Calculator, Graphs, Geometry, Lists & Spreadsheet, Data & Statistics, Notes, Questions and new Vernier DataQuestTM. Users can also split the screen, enabling up to four applications to be viewed simultaneously.
  • Users can experience the same interface on the TI-NspireTM CX handheld device and in the TI-NspireTM software, enabling integration with existing classroom ICT infrastructure and projection systems to offer whole class teaching and personalised learning opportunities. TI-Nspire works with all major interactive whiteboard technologies
  • Import colour/black and white images from online sources or from your own digital archive and overlay graphs and other elements.
  • Explore surfaces by rotating them, investigate intersections of a surface with a plane and create animations using sliders to understand how changing different parameters affect objects with TI-Nspire’s 3D Graphing View
  • Create, edit, save and share work in documents within a familiar folder structure.
  • Graphic Calculator
  • Battery

The new TI-NspireTM CX CAS handheld device and companion software are designed to generate opportunities for classroom exploration and to promote greater understanding of core concepts in the mathematics and science classroom. TI-Nspire technology has been developed through sound classroom research which shows that “linked multiple representation are crucial in development of conceptual understanding and it is feasible only through use of a technology such as TI-Nspire, which provides simultaneous, dynamically linked representations of graphs, equations, data, and verbal explanations, such that a change in one representation is immediately reflected in the others. In addition to the flexibility offered by TI-Nspire’s clear, menu-driven document structure, the CX handheld device is enhanced by a backlit colour screen with the ability to import images, bringing concepts to life. The CAS version enables the manipulation of mathematical expressions and functions. The device also includes a rechargeable battery.

Title: Texas Instruments Nspire CX-CAS Graphic Calculator with Touchpad
Category: Graphing
Brand: Texas Instruments

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